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When It’s Time To Get An Oil Change

If you’re interested in purchasing a new Toyota Camry, a pre-owned Toyota Tacoma, or another vehicle, we encourage you to visit our Toyota dealership near San Diego. We can help you find a vehicle that you can rely on for years and that you’ll enjoy driving every day. When you need Toyota parts or Toyota service, we can help out with that as well.

One of the Toyota services we perform most often is also one of the most important things you can have done to extend the life of your vehicle: an oil change. When we change the oil in your vehicle, we change your car’s oil filter at the same time to help keep your vehicle performing properly.

Having a cleaner engine is one of the benefits that regular oil changes provide. Your engine needs clean oil to operate smoothly and efficiently. As oil circulates in your car, debris, and other foreign matter enter the flow. When we change your oil and oil filter, we remove these particles from your oil flow to better ensure that your filter will prevent other debris from entering the flow in the future. Clean oil and an effective oil filter help to keep your engine lubricated, reducing the wear and tear that its moving parts experience when your vehicle is running.

If you wait too long in between oil changes to bring your car to our Toyota dealership near San Diego, you run the risk of your old oil burning, which can release emissions that can harm the environment. As oil continues to run through your engine, it experiences thermal breakdown because the heat generated by your engine causes the liquid to lose its thickness. As your oil loses more and more viscosity, it can make its way into your vehicle’s combustion chamber by getting past various seals and rings. If oil reaches your combustion chamber, it can burn and release harmful smoke through your car’s exhaust.

You also run the risk of increasing your operating costs if you fail to change your oil on a regular basis. Old oil will prevent your vehicle from operating at peak efficiency, which means you won’t get the mileage per gallon that you could with clean oil, and your vehicle will require more oil to operate. Failing to take advantage of our oil changing services can also lead to very expensive repairs if your old oil causes your vehicle’s engine to seize.

Whether you drive a pre-owned Toyota Tacoma, a new Toyota Camry, or another vehicle model, stop by Toyota Chula Vista to learn more about the Toyota services we provide. Our knowledgeable technicians can give you peace of mind by performing preventative car maintenance and general automotive repairs whenever necessary. By offering a wide range of Toyota services, Toyota Chula Vista is the right choice for all of your automotive needs. You can schedule your next Toyota service appointment by giving us a call or stopping by our Toyota dealership on Main Street. We’ll look forward to seeing you!

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