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Buying vs. Leasing a New Car near San Diego, CA

buying vs leasing

Is Buying or Leasing Right for You?

When you visit our Toyota dealership, you’ll see that we have many exciting vehicles in our new car inventory. The 2018 Toyota Tacoma and the 2018 Toyota Corolla are just two of the brand-new automobiles you’ll see in our new car inventory. If you’re like many drivers who visit our location, it won’t take you long to find a Toyota model you love. Once you do, it’s time to ask yourself, “Should I lease or buy this great-looking Toyota car?”

When You Should Lease

Reasons to lease at a glance:

  • Avoid rapid depreciation
  • Put less down
  • Have a smaller monthly payment

Being Toyota dealers serving Lemon Grove, CA, we’ve helped many drivers choose between buying and leasing and we can help you, too. In general, leasing is a good idea if you don’t have a lot of money to put down and you don’t have a car to trade-in. If you want to keep your monthly payment as low as possible, leasing is also a smart move.

If you enjoy having a vehicle with the latest features, leasing may be for you because you’ll be able to lease a new automobile every few years. This versatility also makes leasing a good idea if you think you’ll need a different vehicle in a few years because you may go through a life-changing event like getting married or having a child.

To learn more about when leasing is the appropriate choice, talk to the experts in our Toyota financing department near Kearny Mesa, CA.

When You Should Buy

While leasing is a smart idea for a lot of drivers, it’s not for everybody. Leases include limitations, such as the maximum number of miles you can drive per year without incurring a penalty. These restrictions make buying the right choice for motorists who drive a lot every year and drivers who expose their cars to excessive wear and tear by engaging in activities like off-roading regularly.

Reasons to buy at a glance:

  • You drive a lot
  • You do things like off-roading
  • You want an asset you can sell

Purchasing a vehicle from our Chula Vista, CA Toyota dealership is also the better choice if you want to own a capital asset you can sell any time you want. Because you have to return a leased car when your contract expires, you won’t have this freedom when you’re a lessee.

Financing a Toyota Vehicle at Our Dealership

Regardless of whether you buy or lease a Toyota car from us, we’ll help you get the financing you need. Visit Toyota Chula Vista today.