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OEM Toyota Parts: Toyota Chula Vista Has Your Selection

toyota car parts

Purchased a new Toyota Camry or a certified pre-owned Toyota Highlander? Congratulations! You’ve made a great choice, but your choices aren’t over yet. See, you’ll have to maintain your car over the long term so that it lasts as long as it’s designed to. That relies on Toyota parts and service from Toyota Chula Vista. Even though the sale is over, we’re still in your corner!

Why it’s important to maintain your vehicle parts:

  • With our parts and service specials, you can ensure safety and smooth operation long after the warranty runs out.

As a whole, your new Toyota car is built to last. However, some of the parts that make up the whole are subject to a lot of wear and tear. If you maintain your car and replace those parts in a timely fashion, you can look forward to years’ worth of great driving. Let your car down, on the other hand, and sooner or later it will let you down -- through no fault of its own.

Stop to think about what happens when you neglect replacement parts. Something as simple as aged motor oil can cause you to lose gas mileage or can cause your engine to overheat. If your cabin filter is filthy, air quality in your car or SUV will decline. Worn tires can lead to blowouts, or accidents because of poor traction. Old brake pads mean longer stopping distances, which can mean the difference between a quick stop or a dead squirrel.

And the kind of parts matter. OEM Toyota parts are either made by the manufacturer, or -- in the case of tires, accessories, and performance parts -- might be made by a third party, but they’re held to the same high standards as the rest of your Toyota vehicle. What we don’t stock here at your San Diego area Toyota dealership can be ordered quickly, and we also run frequent parts specials, so there’s no excuse for neglect.

Parts/parts-related offerings:

  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Wipers

There are other reasons to visit our Toyota service center at 650 Main Street. Our selection of accessories can help you add a custom touch to your vehicle. Our parts and service professionals treat you like family. And we make sure you understand every repair and update we make because we strive for transparency as much as satisfaction.

Busy? We understand. That’s why we’re available during convenient hours, including 7-6 on weekdays and 7-5 on Saturdays. So for all your automotive needs, be sure to visit Toyota Chula Vista or call ahead to 619-591-0900!

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