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Celebrating Toyota History at Toyota Chula Vista

2015 toyota Camry

At Toyota Chula Vista we are very fond of celebrating the unique history of the Toyota brand. We take great pride as a California Toyota dealership that has your best interests at heart. You’ve no doubt heard some trivia about the Toyota brand, but there’s probably a lot you’ve never heard. The Toyota Motor Corporation has actually been around for more than 80 years! We wanted to take this time and look back on the monumental brand that is Toyota. It has such a long and storied history, and we think you’ll enjoy learning about the origins of your favorite Toyota models. From humble beginnings in Japan to its current global success, the story of the Toyota brand is something that captivates all.

The company started as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, named after the founder’s family name Toyoda. Its first vehicles were the A1 passenger car and the G1 in 1935. In a contest to design the company’s new logo, a family member who married into the Toyoda family had an idea of writing the company name as “Toyota” instead because it was written in a lucky number of brush strokes. The “ta” sound was also more forceful and deliberate so it left more of an impression. It was settled and the company name was changed to “Toyota.” Our California Toyota dealership might have been a “Toyoda” dealership if that family member hadn’t been in the picture! Since its inception, the Toyota Motor Corporation has been a world-leader in the automotive realm.

The Toyota Motor Corporation creed was to bring lightweight and efficient vehicles to their home country. As their success grew, so did their ambitions. Today, the Toyota Motor Corporation is the world’s largest automaker! Thanks to the endeavors of those from the past, we can all appreciate the excellent design and ingenuity that Toyota vehicles bring today. The A1 passenger car came to be one of the most mass-produced vehicles soon after it was designed. It’s definitely the seed that would eventually help spawn vehicles like the 2014 Toyota Camry and 2014 Toyota Corolla. On the other side of things, the G1 model was focused on performance, and its tradition continues today in the innovations from the Toyota Racing Team. Even off the track, we can all benefit from the increased exposure and experimentation that the racing team creates with its engines.

Are you curious to learn more about Toyota vehicles? Then look no further than your local California Toyota dealership, Toyota Chula Vista! We have a wide selection of new and pre-owned Toyota models, and it’s our passion to help more customers know about the great capabilities of the Toyota brand. We believe that everyone should be as informed as possible before making their auto purchase, so let our knowledgeable Toyota dealers teach you all about the special features and options of each of our models! You’ll be a Toyota vehicle expert in no-time!