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Should I Buy or Lease a Toyota Vehicle?

Leasing vs buying

Toyota Chula Vista Can Help You Decide

The fact is, whether you’re looking for a classic car or a capable SUV, you can’t go wrong with the extensive inventory at Toyota Chula Vista. And while the choice to lease or buy that vehicle may be intimidating at first blush, it need not be; it all comes down to asking the right questions.

When You Should Lease

Reasons to lease at a glance:

  • Less depreciation
  • The ability to change vehicles when new styles and options appear
  • Low monthly payments with a smaller down payment

If you have a much better credit rating than your bank balance would suggest, leasing can be a smart choice. You won’t need a significant down payment to take advantage of lower monthly payments on a new Toyota vehicle. Then, too, once your lease is over, resale is someone else’s concern (ours), so you won’t have to worry about depreciation or the headaches that come with selling your car. You just turn in your keys and choose your next vehicle — which also comes in handy when there’s a next-generation Toyota vehicle on the horizon!

When You Should Buy

Of course, not all driving is out of necessity. You’ll want to be behind the wheel of your Toyota 4Runner just for the sheer joy of it. But as the odometer ticks away, the overages could be adding up. Similarly, making modifications to your vehicle, or just the day-to-day wear and tear that comes with driving, can also take their toll on your vehicle and your wallet. So it’s worth asking whether your driving habits and your environment might make buying a new Toyota SUV the smarter choice.

Reasons to buy at a glance:

  • In a word: freedom. You can modify your vehicle, put on half a million miles per year, or let your kids do their worst to the upholstery, all without being penalized.

Financing a Toyota Vehicle at Our Dealership

Need another reason to visit your Chula Vista Toyota dealership? We’ll give you three:

  • Answers to your questions
  • Toyota financing
  • A level of service that can’t be matched anywhere else

And it’s all here at 650 Main St. in San Diego, CA, home to Toyota Chula Vista. Visit us today to learn more!